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February 13, 2021
Hej Folks,

It has been a difficult week for a16z darling. On one side of the Pacific Ocean it got blocked.
On the other side: Mark Cuban is plotting to create an alternative, Twitter is at it too (via Space) and Mark has plans to copy it.
Marc might be experiencing a conflict of interests.
This was an easy catch.

I discovered that the Founder Institute has a free training for helping up-and-coming venture capitalists to spin off a VC fund. Magical! Finding, approaching and convincing LPs still remains quite a challenge.
Do like Masayoshi Son. Leave the valley, feed the goose, rock the presentation!

I know nothing. Point me to the average Tesla customer purchasing the Model 3 using BTC.

Once again Monday = The DART Bullseye. Strong unit economics appeal to the smart money in the food delivery biz.

Entrepreneurship Chronicles

At age 23 Whitney was VP of marketing at Tinder, growing its user base among Millennials.
Less than 2 years later the fire is gone, she left the startup and filed a lawsuit against Tinder for sexual harassment.

Shortly after Whitney was backed by Andrey Andreev, founder of Badoo, and launched Bumble. The two companies would eventually become subsidiaries of the same holding (TechCrunch). Badoo might have a wider user base, but the new dating app is making the headlines by differentiating itself from competitors and taking a more progressive stance to online dating.
The approach paid off: in 2020 Bumble hit the 100 million users mark (Fast Company). 

In February 2021 Bumble rang the Nasdaq Opening Bell. The stock went up 63.5% from the opening price.
Whitney, now a mother and a billionaire, became the youngest female CEO to take a company public in the United States.

Her recipe for building the foundation of a thriving venture: “Look at what is broken in society, figure out how to make it better, and then, around that, formulate a business.”

🎙 The DART Bullseye

A weekly podcast on innovators, entrepreneurs and investors.
AKA people familiar with the matter.

Is it possible to build ventures in partnership with a corporate sponsor?
Federico (the better chap) spoke with Simone Maggi, Co-Founder @ Lanieri.

Tune in to listen to a nice convo on fashion tech, Made in Italy and high-end e-commerce.

Of Unicorns and Cowboys

🦄 The Rounds

The deals worth knowing in Europe and beyond - ordered from coolest to coolio

🇩🇰 Experimental: Forget the science lab, welcome Labster. The startup backed by a16z raised $60M to develop its virtual science labs simulation.

🇬🇧 Broadband: Isotropic Systems raised $40M. The space startup has a satellite antenna that can communicate across multiple frequencies.

🇫🇷 Casual: Homa Games raised $15M seed round. The startup and publisher has tech taking a game from prototype to App Store success.

🌈 The Pots

The exits you should follow in Europe and beyond - IPO, direct listing, SPAC, bankruptcy ... all awesome stuff

🇰🇷 Matched!: Hyperconnect got acquired by the dating juggernaut Match for $1.7B. The Korean company is specialized in WebRTC and real-time translation.

🇮🇹🇺🇸 Dark: Helbiz is merging with a SPAC valued at $408M. The micromobility company offers e-scooters, e-bicycles and e-mopeds on one platform.

🤠 The Funds

The tales of unicorns' hunters you should know about - particularly relevant if you are a founder looking for backing

🇫🇷 Smart Cities: Eurazeo closed its 2nd smart city fund. The €80M vehicle is backed by corporates like Stellantis, EDF, Total, RATP...

🇫🇮 Infrastructure: OpenOcean reached the €92M mark for its 3rd venture fund. The European VC is specialised in big data and deep tech startups.

🇺🇸 Debut: Construct Capital closed $140M debut fund. The female-led firm will focus its investment on transportation, supply chain side and logistics.

🧑‍🎤 ... and The Quirky Ones

The crazy stuff we gossip about while sipping our chai latte - it's like others, but better

🇬🇧 Something: 2 weeks in the making, Carl Pei's latest venture is backed by GV. The Alphabet's venture arm invested $15M in the project.

🇺🇸 ISA: Blair launched a $100M facility to support income-share agreements, an alternative financial model for students and bootcamp participants.
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